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 Board of Directors

Meetings: first Thursday of the month.
Time: 6:30 P.M.
Place: 2952 Minnesota Ave. (Shack)

  • President: Craig Reinking
  • Vice President, Policies & Procedures: Jena Battaglia
  • Treasurer & Building Coordinator: Dave Carlson
  • Secretary & Costumes/Props: Maxine Hogan
  • Jena Battaglia
  • Joe Battaglia
  • Sue Calinski
  • Dave Carlson
  • Dr. Roy Dunlap
  • Anna Fehring
  • Eric Finn
  • Maxine Hogan
  • Elizabeth Kawleski
  • Diane Kippenhan-Vollmer
  • Ann Leahy
  • Bob LeGault
  • Paula O'Kray
  • Craig Reinking
  • Chris Wendt
 Executive Committee Appointees
  • Accountant: David Quick
  • Ad Sales: Carol Walther
  • Building Coordinator: Dave Carlson
  • Costumes/Props Coordinator:
    Maxine Hogan
  • Grant Writer: Dr. Roy Dunlap
  • Historian: Anna Fehring
  • Membership Coordinator:
    Joe Battaglia
  • Policies and Procedures: Jena Battaglia
  • Play Selection Coordinator:
    Diane Kippenhan-Vollmer
  • Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Kawleski
  • Publicity: Ann Leahy
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Paula Okray
  • Website/Email Coordinator: Bob LeGault

The cwACT Board of Directors, elected by the cwACT Members, consists of seven to 15 Directors who in turn elect the Officers of the Board. Directors serve three years, Officers and Members one. The BOD has voting rights, Appointees do not.